Hi, I’m Hilary Hann.  I’m a passionate advocate for wildlife; wildlife photographic artist; collector of coffee table wildlife photographic books (some would say that I have too many … I say “never”) and lover of anything wildlife art related.  The connecting theme is pretty obvious, wildlife! 

What can I offer you?  With my many years of travel to the African continent, from Chad to Zimbabwe and many in-between, I can share the remarkable and wonderful world of wildlife taking the hassle out of the selection of which places to go to see what animals.  It’s a vast continent and not every species is present in every country or every Park, which is a pretty obvious statement but when planning a once in a lifetime safari it would be sad to miss out on the one thing you hoped to see.  Selecting the right trip for your needs is something I take seriously and to help you I have made a free booklet that runs through some of the things to consider.  It can be downloaded via this link here.

If you’d like to join me on one of my personalised, small group safaris, I have them listed here.

If beautiful, emotive art is more your style, I have a number of galleries that you can browse through.  From decorating a new home to adding some spice to your office walls, I’m sure that there’s something to suit.  My galleries can be accessed via the following links: Latest Collection Dust And Dreams Old Favourites

If you want to stay up to date with the work I’m creating or my travels I have a Facebook page you can follow here and a rather rusty Instagram page here

That information is probably enough for most people but if not, the more mundane details …

I was born in Singapore and raised in Malaya (as it was then), North Borneo, Uganda and Kenya.  Travel for children is good, life is an adventure and living most of my formative years in Kenya, life certainly was always exciting.  Now resident in South Australia I spend as much time as I can either on safari, planning to be on safari or dreaming of safaris.  If you want to be bitten by the safari bug, I can show you how.

Hilary Hann APP M. Photog 1  Proudly a Member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography

Hilary Hann APP M. Photog 1

Proudly a Member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography