Hilary, your work epitomises the art of photography for me.  You have the vision and the skills required to turn the vision into art.  What more can we, as photographers, ask for?
— Kerry P, Indiana
I first ‘met’ Hilary when I read her wonderful online travel writing, including a series of recollections about her childhood years spent zipping around East Africa with her family in her father’s classic motor cars.

Her knowledge of Africa stems not only from having spent her formative years there, but also from her deep study of all aspects of conservation ecology, as well as the human and wildlife links that she has maintained with the continent ever since.

One goes on safari with Hilary not simply to enjoy the pleasures of wildlife travel with a considerate and convivial companion.

To go on safari with Hilary is to embark on a much more meaningful journey. It is about learning how to create photographic art under the subtle tutelage of a master; it is about lively discussions around the campfire on literature and history and international relations; it involves laughing helplessly at something absurd she invariably spots with her trained eyes; it is about marveling at the wildlife and wilderness of Africa; and most of all, it is a sense of mission and exploration, a feeling of happy adventure.

Hilary’s work invariably hits that rare trifecta - it combines her heart, her art and her intellect. Her safaris do the same.
— Sangeeta P, Washington (Safari mate & disciple)
I have to tell you that your images are nearly unbelievable. The perfect quality to the light and sense of a fine painting that they evoke makes me long to improve my own skills. Let me know if you ever post tutorials of your own.
— Tony K, USA
What a surprise was waiting for me when I arrived home after two days of photographing birds in the Gulf of Mexico! A UPS package from Nevada! When I opened it, I must say I was overwhelmed. An incredible work of art by you……and the gesture just touches my soul. It is so beautiful and will hang in a special spot in our home…but as great as the art is, your amazing talent and generosity inspires and touches my heart.
— Steve U, Louisiana
Thank you.

I love it.

At present it is at the framers. It was challenging to find a framing option that would work well with the colours.
I will send you a picture once its done.
— Nargis R, Dubai
Last September we were extremely fortunate to travel to Kenya with Hilary who organised the whole trip, ensuring we went to a very diverse range of terrain, from the Aberdares to the Masai Mara, and in between. There were five of us including Hilary.

Hilary is a professional wildlife photographer and as my husband and I are keen amateur photographers we learned so much from her.

We will always be grateful to you Hilary and never, ever will forget our time in Kenya

We cannot recommend a trip with Hilary highly enough.
— Marilyn O, Adelaide
September 2017 our group of 4 friends teamed up with wildlife photographer Hilary Hann on a personalised trip to Kenya, all the more personal in that Hilary designed our wildlife & conservancy experiences from her lifelong knowledge of Kenya. We saw a wide diversity of ecosystems and animals, all of the big five many times over, but also a scenic diversity from the dense forest to the high tundra of the Aberdares National Park, the conservancies of the Laikipia district and the sweeping savannahs of the Masai Mara.

As photographers, my 3 friends were in photographic heaven with Hilary’s guidance and the perfect early morning /late evening lighting and very long lenses but also very close up sightings as well - every detail covered.

An indelible experience … Wildlife photography with Hilary! Highly recommended!
— Di S, Adelaide