Evolution of thought to print

"My camera is just the starting point to achieve my final goal. The processing of the raw file is the most important part of turning what I saw into what I felt.  I use texture layers, often indiscernible to the viewer, which alter the way the light appears to fall on the subject. Some textures are more obvious as they become an integral part of the image emphasising character and bringing an aged feel to the artwork. Most images have a base structure which remains unchanged during the optimising process, however, some have components added to them to stress a point or to re-enact an observed scene. All these elements are required to turn a factual, documented scene into one which has a spirit and life of its own. "


In the end, a camera is a piece of hardware, a machine made to record a scene at hand. The emotions, spirit and feelings of the scene require more than pixels to be visible.

The final, approved images are printed on carefully selected archival art papers, chosen for their performance with the style of the image itself. The Gicleé process uses archival ink technology on acid and lignin-free art papers but the skill in bringing out the best in the process is a craft in and of itself. For all her large sizes, Hilary chooses to work with a print specialist who conducts considerable testing before an individual look and feel is achieved for each image in her portfolio.  The smaller sizes are all printed personally by Hilary.

The colour fidelity is guaranteed by strict compliance with International Colour Consortium standards, with up to date scientific measuring of output and fine-tuning photographic input to separate the most delicate of tones. The long term stability of these Gicleé prints is exceptional and can outlast many traditional art mediums, potentially reaching 200 years with moderate colour change. Attaining this archival permanence does involve careful production and every step in the process is designed to enhance longevity. Hilary's laboratory of choice, Atkins Pro Lab, prints its Gicleé product to the exacting standards of museums and art galleries throughout the world.


Limited Edition Artworks

Each year Hilary chooses a select number of images to offer as strictly limited editions. The print run is 9 with 2 artist’s proofs, signed and protected by holograms and registered on the site.  

Hilary also offer a number of artworks as open editions, which are also signed.

Prices for the open editions start at $1500.00 unframed. For all Australian purchases, 10% GST is added on check out.

Prices for the limited editions start at $4,500.00 unframed.  For all Australian purchases, 10% GST is added on check out.



Hilary's limited edition artwork hangs in private collections both locally and internationally.