Whose idea was it anyway? / by Hilary Hann

Whose idea was it anyway?  Who was I kidding?  Trying to write a blog each week was always going to be difficult.  For me anyway.

This week has been a slog of mundane tasks needing to be done.  Little irritations getting in the way of inspiration.  Just like the blog that I finished minutes ago and accidently deleted before saving.  Because that’s the way weeks like this go.  Of course, it was so much better than this, full of inspiration and excitement.

The exhibition and the images that constituted it were so clear a couple of weeks ago but now they are fading, as if a misty curtain is falling in front of them, ever thicker as the days go by.  I’ve made plans for the trips I’ll need to take to photograph the elephants in the way that I want and I suppose that’s a relief.  In a way.  There is a part of me that is struggling to see past the normal, run of the mill images that I am terrified of duplicating like I’ve done a thousand times before.  So for the next few weeks, the sole focus will be to strengthen the reasons that I’m doing this.  What story am I trying to tell and what journey do I want to take you, the viewer on.

Elephants, magnificent sentient beasts that are photographed and painted and written about in so many, many ways.  Could one more way be any more meaningful or useful than any others.  Time will tell.

At the end of that process I hope that I can truly hang on to a coherent and meaningful body of work that is supported by more than just jumbled words and thoughts.

Wish me luck!